Tidy up/ finishing bedding job


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I've finished my third rifle bedding job (on my own rifles). The first two were Remington's and pretty straightforward to do. This last one was a bit more awkward and took a bit more thought and planning (internal mag well, fitted new recoil lug into stock etc). Action is now out of the stock and bedding looks good/ solid, but there is a bit of tidy up to do where some 'flashing' or seepage around the filler and dam areas has happened.

I've got the dremel out previously for this task but just wondering if there is a smarter way that I'm missing/ better way to get a great, sharp looking finish? (other than getting someone else to do it of course!)

At the end of the day its going to be hidden when the action is back on, but I'd like to do the best job I can.



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You could get a cnc milling machine set up and it try mill it nicely. Costly but no advantage other than maybe a nicer look. We bed hundreds of stocks a year and also use Dremel to tidy up.


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D'you have enough space to get a flapper wheel in? They generally produce quite a good finish with a little care

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doesnt matter how you remove the stock material if you take your time
whatever you use make sure the clearance is enough to form a stable layer of bedding compound
2mm minimum
any thinner and it will crack and flake off over time

- leave a small area of the tang to provide a depth reference for the rear of the action
- use pillars
- test fit bottom metal and action with barrel held in channel with tape ring
- clearance front, side and base of recoil lug with two layers of electrical tape - this removes any fulcrum effect under compression