Sold: Tier-One Stainless Muzzle Break


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For Sale Teir-one CQC Stainless Muzzle Break 5/8 UNF (not UNEF). Up to .30 Cal

Incorrect size for My Tikka and came with new Mod and UNEF ordered
this does look like it has had a round through it as it has a very small signs of Carbon shown in picture.
No timing required just screw on and shoot.

Price drop £45 posted £95 RRP

EA558AD9-C39F-456A-8632-A4BF7C5D220E.jpg D50FC894-CEBA-4DFE-8897-CC0387A9303F.jpg 9DBDA913-D9EC-41CE-BFDE-FD2E254E8CFA.jpg
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Great kit from TierOne, I have a couple of their muzzle brakes and they're pretty effective. Have a bump from me.