Tikka.308's xmas present

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Hi all,
Have just had Tikka.308 ( Andy ) down for a stalk and as some of you will know he has yet to shoot a wild deer. Well , as i write this he is driving up th M5 with a big smile on his face and something bigger in the back of his truck :D
Andy arrived lunchtime yesterday (friday ) and after the intro's to my family and a quick brew we were off to my shoot.
When we got there the wind was howling which was going to make it difficult as the wood is in a steep valley and our scent being blown all over the place.
We stalked for a couple of hours but my ace in the hole turned into a joker but we did manae to see 2 pale rumps dissapearing through the trees.
Back home for dinner then out for a quick walk with the lamp, our luck continued and saw veryfew bunnies but Andy did get a fox.
Up at 6.15 this morning (saturday) and on the moors by 7.30 where i decided not to stalk into the wind as normal but to try and ambush the deer on their way back to the forest ( hoping that they would be feeding on a kale field) .
We made our way to a point where we had a good vantage point over the plataeu in the bottom of the valley and Andy set up his sticks and got comfortable.
To our left was a stone wall running down the hill to the stream and beyond the wall is scrub with a few wizend oaks.
We were sat between 2 gorse bushes ut could not see the wall only a well used track below us. Andy ranged the clearing at 74 yards, i poured a coffee from the flask and glassed the area. Seeing nothing i had just said to Andy we could be sat here a while when he tapped my leg and said there's a stag down there, it had appeared like a ghost from nowhere but was now standing in front of a gorse bush unaware of our presence.
Andy confirmed it was a stag and said , what shall i do ? I replied shoot it and Andy wasted no time in lining him up and squeezing one off. The stag shuddered at the impact of the .308 hitting him in the engine room, then 2 more which had been behind the wall and unseen ran past him. Andy asked for conformation that he had hit him as the stag took off after his mates but he need not of worried as thirty yards later he stopped and keeled over dead.
There was a silence as we watched the other 2 go out of sight then all smiles and handshakes before walking down to where the beast had fallen and checking he was dead.
Took a few pics before gralloching then cleaned up in the stream before starting the daunting drag out of the valley. As luck would have it Andy
could get a signal on his phone ( I cant there ) so after a short distance of dragging i used Andy's phone and called the farmer :idea: who promptly turned up on his quad and transported the stag back to the truck ( happy days )and saved one of us a heart attack.



Hopefully Andy can put up some better pics.
Well done mate


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Oh mate I am made up for you, well done, it has been a long time coming but thoroughly deserved. Well done Tony, as well. Oh well that menas I havnt got to try to hard now when you come down in the new year to Sussex :D only joking mate, you and fester are very welcome.

Well done Andy great news. Here's to the next one ;)


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Tony nice write up ,Andy very well done indeed , no going back now ! Cept for another one ! :lol:
Cheers Trapper


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BLOODYHELL :eek: , Well done Andy lad, i am made up for ya mate, about time it is too ;)

Well done to you too Tony for getting the man his first deer. ;)

It`s all down hill now Andy, now you have popped ya cherry :eek: ;)



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what can i say im over the bloody moon.i told tony to put something on here whilst i was driving home and it went just like he has told you.i couldnt belive my eyes we had only been there for 15 minutes and he just appeared from no where!how can something that size creep up on you?im still buzzing.i will try to put some photos on later.thanks to tony once again your a star.also thanks to all you others who have helped me out trying to get my first beast.dont worry malc me and fester will be down with you i have got the bug now.the stag is hanging in a chiller for a few days,and me im just going to have a wee dram for tony and the stag.


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not impressed at all
the least you could of done was make Andy drag the bloody thing, as he eventually SHOT one :lol: :lol: :lol:
well done Tony for giving Andy the oppurtunity ;) ,
i always knew he needed a bigger target to shoot at :evil: :evil:
well done Andy nice going mate, glad you are off the mark :)
wait till fester see's it :eek:


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Tika 308's Xmas present

Congrats Andy. A long time coming but all the better for that.
Every Christmas to come, you will remember that one.
Have a great holiday.

dave kelly

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well done andy you had an early xmas present ;you will remember that moment for a long long time' fair play to tony to get you on to your first deer. i bet he was pleased as you; thats the sort of guy he is dave kelly


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Well Christmas certainly did come early for you mate. Chuffed to bits for you. My only regret was it wasn't with me!
Have a good festive time, what a great start


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thanks for all your kind words lads,and thanks again to tony.it took some doing but i got there in the end.cant get hold of fester hes gone to ground again.if the offer still stands buckup i will get down to you one of these days i promise.thanks again for everyones help in getting my first beast.i hope you and you families have a great christmas and heres to a fantastic 2009.happy hunting


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well hes in the freezer now i fetched him back from the butchers yesterday,all cut up off the bone not sure if he said 83 or 87lb of meat.the butcher has kept 10lb of mince to make sausages for me.so roll on bbq weather :lol:


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Well stone a bloody crow!!!! well done mate, At bloody last! At least i aint gotta worry about getting him his 1st now :D :D Nice 1 mate, chuffed to bits for ya buddy. Hope you have recovered from your hangover form ya works doo :D :D ha ha serves ya rite ya drunken sod :D Well looks like its all hands on deck when we get down to see uncle malc in the new year now then :D :D


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cheers fester,im fine ta mate,the first sausages off him are in the pan as iam typing this mmmm cant wait,only problem is i have got to share with the kids :lol: :lol:
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