Tikka 595 Stainless steel, discolouration!


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Hello chaps, I am wondering if tarnishing or discolouration can be removed from the outer surfaces of the stainless steel barrel and action, I only believe this to come from age and use, nothing unto-wards. I don't want to try anything until I get some advice because I do not want to effect the factory blasted finish,

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Jager SA

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Fine wire wool with oil and a gentle touch, might work, but you may need it bead blasting again.


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Have you considered a kitchen appliance stainless steel cleaner?

I believe you can get a spray on foam type for used on brushed finish surfaces found on many appliances. Jusy be careful of the stock and read the label on use and warnings carefully before use.


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If its like my M595 and the discoloration is from plant sap/foliage liquids (leave a rust like stain) I have removed it by using Browning Legia spray, left on for a bit and then rubbed off with a clean cloth.......

Have yet to try a Citric acid wash (detailed post on Cast Boollits? Forum) which is supposed to passivate the stainless surface against such issues.