Tikka 658 - any owners?


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I am looking at a Tikka 658 next week (300WM)
it is not a model number I know, despite Tikka being a well regarded rifle I am keen to know if there are any significant differences between this and other models

b8ggered if I can find any info on the web other than a bolt sleeve the T3 and 695 have that is different
cant even find what they sold for new!

​anyone have or had one?


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thanks, I found those and browsed the pics on the Sako site
doesn't really show what the model difference is though
lots of the user manual is cross model



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Yes mate I've one for sale same cal with pics on here £500 with Mod loaded ammo 100 primed unfired cases etc. IMHO 658 is far far better steel mag trigger gaurd and seen from Chaps off here a Tack Driver