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Hi all,

its me loooking for your wisdom and knowledge again, im looking to change my rifle in the next few months for next years season, im looking at the tikka rifles, im wanting a synthetic model in 6.5x55 and factory threaded for my T8, are there any out there?? or anything smilar that wont leave me stone broke? :rolleyes:

all the best,


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Hello Tiny,

I have a T3 Lite in .243, factory threaded and a T3 Tacticle in .308, can't fault them. The only problem I see for you is that ALL Tikka rifles come factory threaded with a M14-1 thread, accept the T3 Tacticle, it has a M18-1 Thread, why they started doing this I dont know.
I guess that your T8 will be 1/2UNF?

You could try and order a T3 unthreaded, but you will be waiting some time I feel. Other option is to order what you want then get it re threaded and proofed.....

For your info, I have 2 Wildcat Predator 8 mods, one on each rifle, I changed one rifle in Jan (Steyr for Tikka) and the threads were different, the bonus was I just needed to order the different threaded bush (1/4 the cost of a new moderator) reassemble it and away I went, ready to use.

I am extremely happy with the rifles, wouldn't change them unless the A7 Got imported......................


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The Tikka does come threaded for t8,as I have just bought that very set up.
It's not available screw cut in left hand, as to why, I can only imagine :rolleyes:
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