Tikka m590


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I've just been given 3 guns from an ex-stalker who's guns have been in storage for the last 7 years. One of them is an old Tikka m590 308 in pretty good condition considering that it's been lying around in it's slip for that amount of time- it needs a good clean and has a few wee patches of rust on the barrel and scratches to the stock but nothing serious that can't be sorted.

It used to have open sights but the front hood is missing and also the rear sight dove tail bit. Does anyone have any spare parts rattling around in a drawer or know where I can get replacements?

Also does anyone know if the bolt shroud from a T3 would fit the 590.(it seems to fit the 595)

It's a cracking,solid rifle and I'm trying to get it back to looking as original as I can.

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jay 22

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if the t3 ones fits the m595 it will fit the m590. as for the sights you could try the tikka importers see what that throws up.


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Ive got a few sets of various Tikka / Sako sights here , i'll have a look for you.

Ill check with the schematic to make sure its right before I get back to you though

If the T3 shroud fits the 595 it will fit the 590.

The Alloy replacement ones are better than the plastic originals,,,,,if only someone made a steel one!

private fraser

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I have a 590 in .308, can't fault it, reliable and very accurate with 150g Federal soft point.
Well worth putting the TLC into yours I would say.


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Thanks for that lads. Haggis Hunter has kindly offered to give me a rear sight off his m590 that he has lying around and it appears that only one version of the 590 had a front sight hood. I ordered a t3 shroud so i'll see how that fits and report back


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I received the rear sight 'leaf' for my Tikka today from Haggis Hunter. It fits perfectly and I have to thank him for his kindness, a top bloke. I also got the T3 bolt shroud. It was a slack fit and rattled around quite a bit but the addition of a spring inside the shroud really sorted it out. The rifle is starting to look the part now and I'm dying to get out and give it a go.