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Sold: Tikka M595 .308 in Stainless Synthetic

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I'm selling my Tikka M595 .308 stainless synthetic which I've had since new, rifle has seen a maximum of 200 rounds through it and has been very well looked after. It has an A-Tec CCM-4 moderator fitted which has only had about 20 rounds through it and an 8 x 56 Swarovski scope fitted with Butler Creek flip up covers. There is a 13"-27" Harris bipod and a Butler Creek neoprene sling. Included in the sale will be an oversize single rifle hard case and a one off designed tactical case which is almost as good as the hard case. I can also give the buyer a quantity of factory ammunition within their allowance as per their certificate. There are around 200 empty once fired cases if they are any use to the buyer as well. Price for the lot is £1100 and once the rifle is sold there will be a 6 gun deep Infac Safe cabinet available for £100.
The rifle is in Prestwick, Ayrshire.
DSC_0813 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0816 (800x533).jpgDSC_0817 (800x533).jpgDSC_0821 (800x533).jpgDSC_0824 (800x533).jpgDSC_0837 (800x533).jpg

SOLD to Bridon0320 pending the usual....thanks for all interest
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These rifles shoot incredibly well!

This is the load development of my 595 in .308

18-04-14 Charge Increments Results 2.197OAL N140.JPG

If I didn't have too many 595's Id have this, good luck with the sale

The tramp

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The fact I have 3000x .308 on my ticket almost makes it worth buying for the ammo alone ;)

Nice rifle, great shooters, free bump


Tikka M595

Hi there interested if it's still available. I'm in Boness so could get around when it's convienent for you?
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