Tikka M595 Action interchangeability


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Does anyone know if the M595 Action interchangeable with any other Tikka actions without extensive inletting? I am struggling to find an M595 action so I am looking for worthwhile options for a project.


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What calibre do you intend to chamber your project for Ovenpaa?

I don't know for certain but think that the 590 action may be the same or fairly close in dimensions. This subject has been debated in the not too distant past - try doing a search on the site.
Don't forget also that in the U.S. the 595 and 695 was marketed as the Tikka Whitetail.


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I don't understand your question, Ovenpaa.

You mention inletting. Do you have a donor stock into which you want to fit an M595 action or a M55 action?

Good contribution from 8x57 re. availability of M590 action too. The M590 action is the same as the M595. The only difference between these is that the M590 ejection port is lozenge-shaped, as in the current T3.


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I spotted the .222 which looks to be an absolute bargain at that price but I want to chamber this in 6.5x47 Lapua which will require a .308 bolt face. I have a donor stock just about sorted (Tikka Master Sporter) Which is the Biathlon style stock designed for the M595 however the M590 if it fits could be a better option as it has a smaller ejector port so in theory could be marginal stiffer.

The rifle is to be used for hunting competitions in Denmark which are shot prone/kneeling/Off-hand.

jay 22

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i would look at the m590 on guntrader in 243. its the cheapest on there and there very good actions. just make sure its in good condition otherwise your have to get it bead blasted and reblacked and this will then cost extra