Tikka M595


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Could someone please give a little advice. Other than optilok what other rings fit a tikka m595. It would need too be high enough too clear for 56obj lense and 30mm tube.
Have tryed an advert for set of optilok rings on here but with no joy so wondering if im going too buy new what options do i have.


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Optilocks are really very good. Even had them on my picatinny but only moved away from them when I went to a 34mm tube


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Or even a rail

Cheers for that. So if i get burris bases what kind of rings would fit that?

ive done some looking myself and have seen sportmatch rings? Any good? Or warne ones? As far as i can see these would fit straight on.



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Leupold do rings and bases to fit
Thats for suggestion. Tryed those before. Didnt like them, thats when i swapped too optilok. But having since bought new scope need new rings again. With it being 30mm now.
May have too stop being tight arse and cough up for newset of 30mm rings since when u want something no one seems too be selling when im looking.


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Tikka mounts and optilocks are as good as any mounts out there I've used a few sets on an sako 85 .223 and an sako m591 .308 never had an issue with slipping or movement

you could go rail and mounts or third eye do direct fit mounts to dovetail never seen any used or tried them but they are quality items

just remember the more things that bolt together the more to go wrong


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As said in other replies a rail and Burris Signature rings - these have inserts similar to Optilocs.

An alternative to a rail would be Weaver type bases and still use BS rings.

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You can use the sportsmatch rings no problem, they have an arrestor stud in them just the same as the optilpcks and with them being alloy they will grip the rails on the action tighter than steel. the other option is their blocks that allow you fit any other air gun or rimfire designated mounts which is handy as there is an amazin array of different styles and heights etc. Before people start saying that they will move under recoil and that alloy mounts are as strong etc...... First have a look at an accuracy international mount and then take a look at the optilpcks and see the arrest or stud that is there to stop movement.

Rake Aboot

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Annoy me until I remember to look and see if I have a set of Optilocks from when I needed a set for my M595,

If I have, I`ll be in Aberdeen next week.

No promises but just nag me until my hangover wears off and I`ll look.


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Its worth holding out for a set of Optilocks,I have lows on my 595 .222 with a 50mm objective,you may get away with lows for 56mm. I'll measure the clearance on mine and let you know.
Is yours a 222,if so, I'd be interested to hear if you reload for it and what your recipe is. Cheers