Tikka M690 bolt sticking.


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My Tikka 6.5 has developed an annoying habit of the bolt jamming in battery with a live round in the chamber.
The bolt handle can be lifted but the bolt remains firmly in locked battery.
If I cycle the handle a few times it will sometimes release. On occasion a smack from something heavy is needed.

At first I thought it was an over length round (home load) but each time it's happened I've checked the bullet head and no evidence of land marks. I know my homeloads are nowhere near the lands anyway.
There are no marks on the case to suggest the case is jamming in the throat.

Any thoughts as i'm now starting to leave her in the cabinet rather than risk spending 5 minutes fiddling each time you have to unload.



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Hi Foxshot, standard procedure for all my reloading is neck size and trim (lee trim) and chamfer. I'm quite anal about case length and doing everything in order.
Cases are finally crimped with Lee collet die.
Just seen another thread on a similar issue - problem appeared to be due to faulty full length sizing causing a bulge at the base of the case. Have to check this weekend.

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I will put good money on it being solved by giving the chamber a really good clean. I do not mean to insult you or your cleaning methods, but what you suggest points to it. I'd go so far as to use a brush (something like a 20b shotgun one) soaked in acetone (wife's nail varnish remover) and use a drill to get some revs on it. A good dry and swab with normal chamber kit and you should find the issue goes away.


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Seems like your cases require F/L resizing now. They've been neck sized too many times and the cartridge case is out of spec both with your rifle chamber and SAAMI. That's my take on what you've said.

Reset your F/L die and size a cartridge case. Then try the newly full length sized cartridge case (empty) in your rifle to see how the bolt closes & opens.
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At the same time as cleaning the chamber ( a bit of scouring or Scotchbrite pad fixed on a cleaning rod can be used to scrub it up as an alternative to a brush), Strip & clean the bolt & lubricate it & also the lug recesses in the action. Better to do a complete job than half of one.

Do you tumble or otherwise polish your cases when reloading - dirty cases can stick in the chamber - especially if that is dirty too.



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Seems like the collective wisdom have it diagnosed. I would add that for a quick diagnosis I would want to try some factory rounds in the rifle. If you were closer to me, I would happily let you have some to try. Do you have anyone local who shoots factory?


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I can recommend the Tipton chamber cleaning kit/system. I was amazed at how much brown gunk came out on the pads when cleaning the chamber on a rifle that I would normally have considered clean (as in the bore cleaned well).