tikka m695


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hi what are they like 25-06 synthetic stainless barrel got the chance of one with a swaro 8x50 scope on

Jager SA

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Top rifle, buy it, re barrel it when you need to. I just built a 6.5x284 on a 695, had 3 of them.


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I have a 595 (the short action version), just had mine rebarreled, the actions are very sought after for semi custom builds and the triggers are usually very good, you can get a replacement spring that will transform the trigger for about £5.00, very well made to a specification rather than a budget, before the accountants got involved and gave us the T3. Guard the magazines with your life as a replacement will cost you about £75 if you can find one.


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I am picking up a 695 s/s in 6.5x55 once my ticket comes back with rings but minus the scope . If i delt with you i would check you had not taken my eyes out of their scockets like you did with that fella.LOL well done cracking deal


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I have an M65 in 25-06 which gets more work than the rest of my rifles combined. Its topped with a Swaro Nova scope 3-9x40 and does it all; from fox to reds. I keep considering selling it in order to make room in the safe for something new and flashy, but i never do. I just can't bear to sell it.


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Have a 595 in .222 & i bought a 695 in 30-06 with a delux stolk.

The rifle a mounts alone cost £550.oo.

Cracking dealy you are getting.