Tikka T3 Bolt Spare Parts


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​Last night i had a primer pop from back pressure whilst firing. Luckily i was wearing glasses and the fragments hit my cheek instead of my eyes, this is the second time in 3 years. But now im snookered, the Extractor Plunger and parts all went for a walk halfway through the ejection, i now have a bolt that cant eject a cartridge when fired. So do any off you guys with all your knowledge know where i can get the spare parts needed, i have the part numbers etc.


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tikka website has exploded diagrams with part numbers for all their rifles

what would concern me more is why you have had two primers pop in 3 years!?
never had one pop in 30yrs!

something not right with either your primer choice, the load or the firing pin
would be sorting that out first before you lose an eye


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I know something not right, i use 60g ballistic, primer federal 7 1/2, varget powder, min load 24g max 26g actual load used was 24.9, it turns out it was a worn primer pocket fail which should have been binned, but go through the net. Parts sorted now. All old casings binned.