Tikka T3 improvements???


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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what can be done to a Tikka T3 .243 to improve the rifle in terms of accuracy? Or is there anything that can be done?

Dont mind spending a bit of cash but I guess there will come a stage at which there is no real point!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.



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If you're using factory ammo find a brand that it likes and that should be plenty good enough. And you can lighten the trigger a bit if that helps.


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My take is that the barrel is the most important part of a rifle. A proper match grade barrel makes a big difference. (does not have to be a heavy barrel)Stock comes second, bedding third. No time or money for a new barrel or stock, start with bedding, check crown and find suitable ammo.


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Tikka T3 needing accurizing - you have to be kidding - mine shoots sub 1 MOA groups with a variety of reloads.


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Tune the trigger and replace the stock with a good quality after market one. Both of these made a marked difference to my T3, which now shoots 3/4" groups all day long.

No amount of 'shiny bling' will improve the accuracy.


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Maybe I'm lucky, but my t3 in .243 has shot 3/4 moa with factory sst since day one. Only thing I have done to it is adjusted the trigger a bit lighter (not replaced any springs or anything just had a shop adjust it for me which took about 15 mins).

thought this was standard for a tikka, but as I say maybe just lucky. I'm certainly not an accurate enough shooter to warrant spending any money on bedding etc etc, as the improvements I'd see in accuracy would be minimal.


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palmer_mike if your luck i must be gifted, i have had 5 tikka t3 and each one of them is very capable of "clover leafing" if i did my bit (.223 .22-250 .243 .308 7mmRM). as said before try some different ammo but your rifle should be able to shoot very good groups out the box (good enough for hunting)



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Although several have offered suggestions here.

Without information on what level of performance on target, group wise, that your already getting it's very difficult to make anything but general suggestions.

The T3 in general has an excellent reputation for grouping out of the factory however as already mentioned ammunition is a key element. If the ammunition your using does not suit "your particular T3" then you fighting an uphill battle.

Likewise some people just cannot achieve the one hole groups we so often read about. One must be realistic about ones own abilities.



sorry for not replying sooner Laptop died and I couldn't log back on hence the new user ID! Thank you for the feedback, what do you think to having the stock bedded??



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I have a T3 in.308 it was a lite with margarine tub stock which I just didn't like!
Last year I bought a Bell&Carlson stock from Red Hawk rifles in USA which transformed it instantly,I had no accuracy issues just didn't like the flimsy stock.The build quality is spot on and they are a direct replacement no need for bedding.I had Steve Kershaw fit it and he was very impressed how well it was made and fitted.



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take it back :doh:

I agree with bob... my T3 in .243 will cloverleaf at 100m with 100gn Federal... if you're not getting good accuracy the rifle needs to go back or you need to spend more time on the range (not money on the rifle)!


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Is there anyone other than Brithunter and I who is wondering what kind of accuracy the OP is trying to improve on, and with what kind of ammo he is trying to do this? Lots of responses here to a pretty vague question.

I have two T-3's in .223: one a 1-8" twist, the other a 1-10" twist. No accuracy issues at all when fed the proper ammunition.~Muir
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