Sold: Tikka T3 Lite 22.250 full set up.

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My game shoot has folded, so simply will not be used.

Tikka T3 Lite in 22.250. c440 shots
Stalon W145 over barrel mod. 40 shots
Reckangel 0MOA rail
Teir One Med Mounts
Minox ZX5i 3x15x56 illuminated BDC
Spare 3 shot mag
c40 x 50gr Sako Gameheads + ammo box
Unknown black neoprene sling
Buffalo River slip
Pard adaptor (scope works very well with NV007)
Laser mount
Butler Creek flip up front cover

Nice clean condition and ready to go and use. £999

Face to face only. Located in Kent, but often in Sussex, Surrey and Essex.
C631AF82-314B-4BD5-8F5E-E9BFD1682E30.jpeg 35885B71-64E7-47F8-A8AF-8485DA3148F9.jpeg 887A6037-693D-4A73-AC80-F23C05A0AFFE.jpeg 8907390C-3148-471C-B672-491E56DF4F15.jpeg CB5C7ABB-778A-4DAD-BD04-AFDC272D3457.jpeg
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