Tikka T3 Review


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Ticks all the boxes doesn't it!
All you need to go with it are a sling, a good scope (fixed 6x42 S&B ? ) and good mounts such as the optilock mounts that Sako/Tikka make. A good moderator would be nice also but is not essential. Reasonable ammo and away you go. No need for any add ons as with some other rifles as it simply does as it says on the box.


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Ive got two tikka lites.

Both perform flawlessly and accuracy is superb.

Pound for pound the best value rifle out there id say.


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T3 is an excellent rifle, not much point in paying silly money for other makes when they can do this. Bottom group of 3 @100yards Sako 100grain.

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Yeah well we are all Tikka fans here. The trigger is superbly adjustable. Put a sling and a bipod on and the right ammo and you are away.
I thought I had a problem with my scope so I did a test the other week. 4 bullets within 1/2 inch. You can't go wrong. My 243 uses tikka rings and a Meopta. And my 223 has a weaver rail mounted now because it is mainly used with nv and I wanted to get the extra reach forward. Still haven't figured the perfect scope for it
Aside from that both carry asa ultra mods. Well i think that is what they are. Don't tend to look that end very often.
​Now just waiting for them to release a lh HMR with 10 shot mag and I will be after one of those as well. If only.