Tikka T3 Stock Spacers

Mick Miller

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Having recently bought a new T3x Super Varmint in 260rem I wanted to extend the stock quite a bit. I thought to myself, oh lovely, it comes with a handy dandy stock shimming method I'll just buy a few of these plates then...

Forty quid for two. FORTY QUID!

I've designed my own and 3d printed the first prototype and it needs a small amount of fettling but I've now extended the stock 16mm, plan is to get the model corrected and add these shim parts to another order to have them made from solid nylon in stackable, 10mm sections (who really wants to pay £40 to extend a stock a mere 6mm anyway?).

Are Tikka nuts? Who in their right mind would pay £40 for two bits of plastic?


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I also bought a tikka t3x varmint and found it short I bought a limbsaver slip on pad think it was around £25 quid bonus is it can be moved from gun to gun.


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I (unfortunately) have arms like an Orangutan and needed to buy two of these spacers to avoid getting ‘scopped’ every so often with my T3. Luckily a mate had some that he let me have for £20, but £40!!! Jesus H. Christ!!! For two bits of plastic. I suggest that Mick perfects an after market solution with his 3D printer on the hurry up and advertises them on here-you’ll make a killing.