Tikka T3 Super varmint?


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I have found out today that the barrel of my SSG is in a terminal state!
Due to the high cost of putting a new barrel in it(£1000ish) I am just going to cut and run for a new rifle.
It will be to all extents a working rifle and the T3 super varmint is certainly pleasing to the eye.
Does anyone have one and would they recommend the extra cost compared to a T3 varmint?
At present my SSG is shooting very well but the bore is in a shocking state when viewed through a bore scope so things might start to go haywire in 20 rounds or 200 rounds?
I am looking to replace it with a synthetic, heavy barrelled rifle in .308 and will be using factory ammo, detatchable magazine desirable.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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I think Tartinjoc shoots a super varmint in 308, might be worth a PM

I shoot a varmint in .243 and with factory ammo, I use remmington Accutip 75grs on the foxes and the 95 grs aswell on them, very accurate for a out of the box rifle.
Have some 100grs Norma soft pionts for stalking which only shoot 1.5 inches low at 150m compared to the 95grs.


Another thing, the stainless steel is NOT surgical stainless and will corrode if not cleaned at reg intervals, as I was told by GMK


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Thanks for the comments.

I realise that stainless steel barrels require basically the same care and are not corrosion resistant.

I am paying the price with my SSG for believing that 009 was a good enough solvent! On top of that it has been a working rifle in all weathers for the last 7 years and has had more than 1000 rounds through it.

I am keen to just opt for a new rifle particularly the T3 as this comes in cheaper than putting a new barrel on and I am fed up with the plastic magazine clips on the SSG which are a little fragile and cannot be repaired.

Thanks for the advice

All the best



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I have a super varmint in .243, and its a cracking rifle.
if your going 308 the tactical would be an option unless your after the stainless as it would probably be easier to get, as unless GMK have sorted out getting the SV delivery shortened it was a special order, I waited a long time and they just didnt have a clue when it would turn up. then when it arrived it wasnt as the sales booklet described but they said it was a change of spec.


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Hello Dickie,

I don't have the Super Varmint unfortunatley but I do have a T3 Lite in .243 Stainless/Synthetic and also have a T3 Tact in .308, I really like the .308, very very accurate to shoot, I have a Wildcat Predator 8 fitted.

I am lead to believe that it is the same stock fitted to both the Super Varmint and the Tact but not seeing the S-V I'm not 100% on that. The T3 Tact comes with a 5 shot mag as standard opposed to the 3 shot you will get as standard with the other T3's.

The other bonus is that it loves to fire Privi Ammo, When I swapped scopes, I used Privi to get me on paper, then once zeroed to my home loads, put another couple of Privi through the barrel, they were within an inch of my home loads and remained consistant.....

Good luck with whatever you choose, alot of people are talkingabout Howa rifles, might be wirth a look, I know they do a heavy barreled rifle also and are slightly cheeper than Tikka.

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