Sold: Tikka T3X Carbon Fibre boyds stock, magazine and bottom plastic guard. £210

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A S/H Tikka T3/ T3X right handed Boyds thumbhole stock that has be well prepped/primed and then carbon fibre hydro-dipped and gloss coated for shine and protection. Steel recoil lug fitted. 3 stock studs fitted as standard. I have used it on a 243 for a few years, so its had some scrapes and dings/scratches that I have covered/repaired with gloss black nail varnish. This has worked well. Very light at 1.9KG (4lbs).

3 shot flush fit magazine to suit 243, 308 and 22-250. Exposed bottom plastic of this mag has been carbon fibre dipped and gloss coated too.

Comes with bottom plastic trigger guard, this has been cerakoated in Titanium.

Comes with black Caldwell sling, virtually new.

Price is £210.00 posted for the lot or £165 posted for the stock alone.

Selling only as moving to a chassis.

Considering the intial price of the stock, the cost of the dipping of the stock and mag, the price of magazines, the new sling, coated bottom plastic.. this is a very fair deal regardless of some wear.

PM to purchase or ask questions prior to purchase.

(Thread is closed to comments but item is still for sale, send PMs)


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just so i understand, this is a laminate wood stock that has been dipped to look like its made of carbon that correct?
just so i understand, this is a laminate wood stock that has been dipped to look like its made of carbon that correct?
As well-descibed in the post, yes.

A boyds laminate stock that has been prepped, primed and dipped in carbon fibre hydro. Then finished with a gloss for both shine and protection. Comes with: dipped 3 shot mag to match, a titanium cerakoted bottom plastic and a Caldwell sling.

It has been out in every weather imaginable and been a pleasure to use for the past 3 years.

And value for money for next owner, as its a massive saving to if he or she got it done themselves and with new items, like I did. Not to mentioned saving atleast £500 compared to purchasing a fully made carbonfibre stock.

Many thanks for the post bump. Please send a PM if you wish to purchase and I will send bank details :)
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