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Sold: Tikka T3X Stainless Lite, brand new, .204 Ruger

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Selling a T3X in .204 Ruger, had it two days and fired 2 shots, just too noisy (or as noisy as my larger calibres), though it'd be more like a 17 Hornet.

Mint & now boxed, still covered in its 1MOA stickers. Chrono'd at a whopping 3850ft/sec with factory ammo from the 20" barrel, threaded M14x1.

Picatinny rail and bipod not included.




£880 o.v.n.o
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Did you have a mod on it? If so which one? I run a 17 Rem that is not too dissimilar that is a noisy thing without a moderator but really quite quiet with a 20 cal can on it


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Thats the problem......i used to use one of these and noise was a huge issue. Try a 20 cal moderator like a wildcat evolution. Almost as quiet as my hmr......
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