Sold: Tikka T3X TAC A1 Chassis

K.H - Tikka

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I purchased this chassis for a project but unfortunately that is no longer going ahead and so it is now up for grabs.

This is the cerakoted version from Tikka and it has been taken off of a 6.5mm Creedmoor but is suitable for other calibres. It is not a new chassis and there are marks - I have photographed these and there will be additional images below highlighting them.

Included with the chassis is the magazine, additional factory stock spacers, action screws and the original stock tool.

£575 posted.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

K.H FB095A9E-EC5E-461C-81B2-34E553346E95.jpeg 9649E1C7-6051-44FE-9CDD-C3519DBFDB6C.jpeg 9A25CE13-6D10-49D6-9BE1-B5379F423287.jpeg ACAED68C-F59C-4F05-BBDB-75E462B5F04D.jpeg B509350E-2EEB-42A8-91ED-0B2A04B00597.jpeg