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Can anybody give me advice about a Tikka Tacticle in .308, would be using for Stalking and fitting a Moderator to it. Advice on weight etc would be much appreciated or any recommendations with reasons would also be thankfully received. I have £1000 to spend. Only looking for a .308, before posts for other calibers are recommended.



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Never had a Tikka tacticle, but I have two Tikka's, my old wooden stock one I still have but am about to let my friend in Finland have. And I have a new Tikka Lite in cammo, with a can on the end in 270.

308 is a good all round calibre for all the species in the UK, and if its coming out of a Tikka, you will have no trouble as far as I am concerned. Good middle class working rifles, no bells and whistles, but they shoot well straight out of the box. I have taken mine all over Southern Africa, parts of America, Finland and shot all the species in the UK, and used it with clients for professional guiding and hunting.

Good luck with whatever you decide to buy, I hope it brings you many days and hours of good hunting and memories.


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Hi tartanjock,

I like you are looking for a new rifle in .308 and the tikka tactical look like a nice rifle will be accurate but it weights in at 3.9kg ( 4 bags of sugar) without a scope, moderator lus unballanced when everythings on it. You'll soon tone up with it.

I think it would be a bit of an animal to have to cart around the woods or hill all day and I'm guessing would weight in at close to 5/6kg after you've added a scope and moderator onto it. As a consequence it may be on the heavy side for stalking especailly if you have it slung on your back and dragging a beast.

You could look at the Tikka T3 stainless synthetic in .308 I think they com in at around the £500 mark but need a bit of shooting in. I've got a T3 in .243 and you can drive tacks at 100yrds with it.

Another option is to look at a Sako 85/75 a bit expensive at just over £1000 but again a really good rifle. Had a try of a .308 sako 75 Finnnlight with a T8 moderatoer over the weekend and put 5 rds though the same hole at 100. It's a well made light well made rifle and difficult to break.

Another option is to look at the Remington 700 range and if your into the tactical look they do a 700 police special in .308, HS precision carbon stock with some of them coming pre thread for a moderater again could be a bit ofn the heavy side but an option. I've seen them for around the £700 mark New. this rifle is used by the US police as there standard issue snipers rifle but again is a bit ont he heavy side. also everybody makes stocks and accessories for them.

Not sure of any other rifle that are out there but there's a lot to
choose form I think Howa do a rifle moderator combo as well.

Hope this helps.


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Have you looked at the T3 super varmint available in .308 basically a stainless varmint in the tactical stock.
I have just got 1 in .243 it's OK to cart about when scope and mod fitted I have a Zaim sling from bushwear which has a strap that goes across the chest and holds the rifle very firmly although a bit pricey mine was a chrimbo present.
I find it lighter than my Rem sendero and it's very accurate.
The Rem 700 police are very heavy but very accurate with a 26" barrel, so put a mod on and very long for stalking.



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Hi Tartinjock,
I have the T3 lite in 243 and the T3 Varmint 308 which is the cheaper version of yours with the blued heavy barrel. I like it very much but will go for the super Varmint as recommended by Dickie when I go for my next rifle a 6.5x55. Very good rifles mate! :D


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My mate has a Tikka tactical - cant be beaten on price/accuracy.
However and its a big however is that with the target barrel,bipod,mod, scope you will have a very heavy rifle to lug around. More suited to long range work rather than deer stalking.

Go lighter is my recommendation.



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Thanks for all the Input,

I think I will go for a Tikka T3 Super Varmint in Stainless/Synthetic. I like the adjustable cheek piece look.....

The problem I have now is trying to locate one, GMK are on back order untill atleast March.

I will be wanting to trade in my Steyr Tact Elite against it, so I need to find a dealer with one that will give me what I want for my Steyr that also has the Tikka.

It is for sale on the Classified section on this site.

Cheers Everyone Again.



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Now for the bad news GMK wont have a clue how long it will take to come it is a special order I was originally told 8 to 12 weeks delivery time.
Foolishly I believed them I ordered mine 29 march and after it arriving in the country and shop I purchased it from getting it threaded for me I was able to pick it up Christmas eve!
Because of work and being away a bit this year I was able to wait, though I was getting P*ssed of come the end.
Things would go like this Phone gunshop, gunshop contact GMK who would say we have a delivery in 2 weeks it might be there as they don't seem to know whats being dispatched from the factory.
When it arrived it didn't have the picatinny rail GMK say this was an option for 07 but will be standard in 08 the gun price will have changed because of it, though all the literature I've seen mention it as standard.
However it's a cracking rifle shoots very tight without me really trying and I'm very happy with it.
So if you don't want 1 tomorrow order 1
you wont be disappointed

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