Time for a change


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Its time for another rifle
I know nothing about .22 centrefires, so.........

.222 or .223, will be used for Roe etc & foxes, which would/do you have and why warts and all, I will be reloading for it as well.
222 Remington and 222 Remington Magnum are fine cartridges. But the 222 Remington Magnum is now obsolete and the 222 Remington is hanging on but heading towards obsolescence. 223 is the way to go OR 22-250.


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Hi Buck52,

the difference between the 222 and 223 is very small in real world terms, the .222 is an old favorite with benchrest shooters and is famous for being accurate the trouble is getting hold of a new factory rifle you would find it easier to get a new 223 but saying that there are lots of SH 222s about.
Try not to get to caught up in the rifle twist rate trap, if you want to shoot 55gn bullets at normal fox ranges then either calibre will be fine. I have had a 223 for over 10 years and i would imagine i've put 1000's of rounds through it (i bought it SH) and i don't have any plans to change it.



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.222rem is the dogs... Performance with handloads is near identical to 223rem.

Can be had new from all the European manufacturers.

I bought this Mannlicher new about 3 years ago:

It is pretty accurate with a bit of load development:



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I've had .222, .223, .22-250 and .220 Swift. I retained the .22-250, selling the other three. If you buy a .222 or a .223, you'll only wonder whether the added performance of the .22-250 made it a better choice. A laser-flat trajectory, real wallop, superb accuracy and an abundant range of rifles and ammunition. What more do you want?


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I have owned everything from 22 Hornet to wildcats like the 22-06. I have gravitated to to the efficient in my old age: I have a .223, a .222, and a Hornet remaining. I like .223 but components are getting scarce. I gave away 1000 pcs of once fired brass last spring and now will have to pay through the nose to replace it.

I shoot the Hornet (CZ 527 American) most of the time. It's light, handy, incredibly accurate and cheap to load for but mostly I bust rabbits and prairiedogs with it. (Got 14 dogs this afternoon with it out to 225 yards)

The "Triple Deuce" is probably one of the finest .224 centerfires you can get. It is inherently accurate and efficient and for practical purposes it will equal .223 performance. I like 50 - 52 grain HP's and the results of my favorite load from my Winchester Model 70 is below. This was 23.5 grains of IMR 3031 with a "Dog Town" 50 grain bullet. Five shots at 100 yards and it will do this wthout much coaxing. ~Muir

PS: CD: Beautiful rifle.


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It's great on Roe, [I await the flack]I've used 222's & 223's and have found the 22-250 the best although the other 2 perform well on roe, my advice would be 22-250


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If a 222rem will kill a Roe, and generations of Scottish stalkers obviously think it will, then a 22/250 must kill them twice as dead! :lol:

I have shot a couple of decent red hinds in Donegal with a 22/250. The effect was pretty decisive.


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I have a 22/250 browning. It is amazingly accurate (for me :D ).

I have only shot 2 roe with it and have always had reservations as many people say they will run. I was fortunate and in both instances they were stopped within 10m. Its back to the old chestnut of bullet choice and shot placement tho'.


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I loved the 223, but I think the 22-250 is so much better. Gives about 100yds more range on fox and has that bit extra for deer.
The other advantage is that if you get a rifle that is easy to rebarrel like a remmy, tikka, sako or howa, the bolt face is the same as many other calibers (243, 308, 7-08 ) just if you want to change later.



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mmm, 22-250 then, I like that idea, scorching velocity.
Ok, so for the Roe what twist rate best stabalises a 50ish grain bullet, I'm thinking if I got it right I could use the same round for charlie & roe without alteration. No more questions after this I promise

Offroad Gary

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i'm picking up a .222 tomorrow, my first .224 centrefire, will be used as a truck gun for fox and maybe the odd munty when i'm mooching around. not roe legal down here i'm afraid but ive seen a target that it shot with 3 shots in less than a new 5P piece at 100yds. looking forward to playing and developing some loads. mates shoot .223 aqnd 22-250 but really cant see how a 22-250 is better that a .243 (shooting 55 b-tips) in england. (but then my .243 is a blaser ;) )
.22-250 Tikka T3, Norma 50 grain ballistic tips 1⅛ @ 102 yards. top left was the 1st sighting shot next 4 were within ¾", excellent Fox stopper & drops Muntjac instantly.



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The normal factory 1in 14 twist rate of the 22-250 will be fine for at least 55gr. My howa also shot very well with 60gr hornady soft points.
I've just sold that stainless 22-250 howa, but can only praise it. The fella that bought it, shot a half inch group with it yesterday. It was the first time he ever shot a rifle.
I've shot fox at 360m and headshot a magpie at 160m.
You will enjoy the accuracy of this caliber.

Disadvantage is, that it is quite noisy without a moderator.