Time to jump ship? Scotland to NZ

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Hi all,

Been doing some soul-searching recently and I'm a little torn as what to do next.

Love living in the Highlands but the way things are going I'm having to broaden my horizons, need more space to live and explore and the UK is starting to feel a little small and over-regulated.

Industry jobs are thin on the ground, ones with good prospects and long term employment are basically spoken for beforehand or not even advertised, quite the closed book in most cases.

Don't feel like living on year to year contracts anymore, need some security and something to aim for, not just staying afloat.

I'm inspired by Scots who were forced to venture overseas by either ambition or circumstance. Sure, thousands sadly fell by the wayside but look at the few who made it in the new world, no risk no reward.

A possible contact for a farm job in NZ has come up and I'm waiting for more details to come through before proceeding.

Would really appreciate input and advice from guys who have lived or worked in NZ, the lure of the place is very strong but I'm aware that the grass is always greener on the other side of the world!

Have exchanged PM's with a few NZ guys on here who have been nothing but positive.



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good evening , too late for my wife and I but my nephew and his wife have just return from their second visit to new Zealand <a month at a time> they are now in the process of getting every thing sorted to go in September 2020 or February 2021,dependant on paper work etc and the fact he works for honda in Swindon and they have not given his redundancy date! but I say go for it this country is finished.


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Red deer country

If I was younger I jump at the chance, if you have some basic farm experience that will go along way.
Deer farming is a huge industry where you can learn so much handling etc. Stalking on government land is free.


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I know a few people who went to Oz and returned but everyone I know who went to NZ stayed. Rarely hear a bad thing about the place or the people.

That said, the grass is greenest where you water it. Some places are more fun than others though when it comes to filling up the watering can.


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Get out there!
Pig hunting with the dogs
World class Reds, Tahr and Chamois on public land and in plenty of supply at the moment.
Fallow, sambar, whitetail, elk and goat also... great fishing. The countryside on the south island is nothing short of magical.
Far better attitude/respect to hunting/countryside, average Joe bloggs in a shop or at work will happily talk to you about hunting even though they dont hunt.



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A lot of my parent’s families emigrated from the Highlands to Canada, NZ, Australia etc in the 50s and 60s. All of them and they’re children seem to have prospered (more than those they left at home)
It’s always the emigrants that can afford to return for an extended holiday.


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If you do make the move, best travel light
You don’t want to be lugging those Ross telescopes halfway round the globe. ................ not when there’s room for them here ! :)


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Spent a few weeks over in morth island with a school chum who moved there 20 odd years back.
He comes back to visit family and thats about it.
I liked the place, has a nice and more open feel from the people than here...especially nowadays with all the divisive indy Brexit.


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Stayed for a month in NZ South Island and could of quite easily got a job and settled there. Wish I had at least tried it. I have family who fled to nelson NZ from Zimbabwe. They certainly seem at home there, they’re big outdoors people hunting and fishing most weekends. Unbelievably stunning country, just driving around and talking to people everything was so much more relaxed and not stressed unlike here!
I know of one family who went there and came back, because they didn’t get on with the kiwis. All I’ll say is don’t go there and try and change their ways of doing things thinking our Pom ways are better! One way to alienate yourself that’s for sure.

Nothing ventured nothing gained!

alberta boy

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My cousin moved to NZ the same time I came here . He loves it and has built a good life there , I have no complaints about my choice either . The simple truth of it is you won't know if you don't try it . It's a big step into the dark , I know , but you'll probably regret it if you don't .

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