Times Article - 20 November 2008

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The following snippet was taken from yesterday's Times:

"Hunt becomes a Boar

Berlin German hunters killed 477,500 wild boar in the year to March - up 66 percent on the previous year. The German Hunters' Association cited mild weather and plentiful food. As many as 10,000 boar are said to live in Berlin."

Sound like this is the place to go :)


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My uncle lives just outside of Rostock which isn't too far from Berlin - he has loads of Boar on his land. I've accompanied him on quite a few hunts when I was younger, and watched many more in the fields behind his house from the terrace but have never shot one myself... I've not seen him for a few years now, but one of the driving factors behind me taking up shooting myself is to go out there to hunt with him.


paul k

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I used to go to Berlin frequently on business and often saw boar within the city limits.


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I often watch them from the train along with umpteen deer on the journey into Berlin from Wolfsburg, the place is teeming with deer and pigs.
Keep trying to get Steff to sort out some hunting on the farm but keeps falling out with his sister whenever it's season ..doh :cry: