Sold: Timney Trigger For Remington 700 or Clones


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Timney Model 510 Trigger for Remington 700 action or clones. The trigger is in very good condition and 'unmolested' with the trigger pull weight adjustment screw still bearing the factory seal. The trigger worked flawlessly on my own Remington 700 action and is adjustable from 1.5 - 4lbs if desired, looking for £120 posted.

From the Timney website, "The 510 comes with a safety that blocks the trigger, not the sear, which is a totally new design. No screws, drilling, or tapping required. The Model 510 will bring a whole new realm of accuracy to your Remington rifle. Each trigger is geometrically identical with tolerances less than .0005”. adjustable from 1.5 to 4 lbs.

How is the Timney Remington 700 trigger different from the factory trigger? There are two major differences. The first is that the Timney trigger is made from a solid block of heat treated steel; there’s no ‘connector bar’ to come loose.

The second difference is that our 510 trigger comes with a trigger blocking safety; that means there’s no way to move the trigger when it’s on safe, so when you take it off safe the trigger stays in the same position it started from".