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Hi all, I've been hoping to attend a local training course on reloading, but an getting a bit impatient and wondered if anyone could recommend a good book to read or where to start?

I reloaded some pistol ammo a few times back in the day, but have never reloaded rifle ammo.

Also, I shoot the following calibres so is there a press that will handle all these:

.223 / .243 / .308 / .357 / 30-06 / 9.3x62 / .375H&H



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AS a starting (or refresher) point I always recommend "The ABC of Reloading", not too expensive or difficult for people new to reloading. Lots of good info!
With regards to your calibers I would think a RCBS Rockchucker could do it all. I don't know about automatic ones if that floats your boat, as I have stayed in the manual labour era.
Cheers, Rene.


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Cheers for that - automated - I'd not thought ot that and didn't realise they were available - but, I'm pants at anyting technical so probably hand-driven will be best.

Off to search amazon now!


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Get an RCBS Rockchucker kit. This will have most of what you need to start except dies and shell holders.

In the kit should be a copy of the Sierra reloading manual. You can read all you need to know from this manual to get you started.

You will want to trim to length at some point. I would suggest you go with the Lee fixed length case trimmers. You can buy a dedicated one for each calibre for about £3 each.


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Another vote for the RCBS Rockchucker. It will load everything... well, almost, it needs to be converted to handle the .50 BMG 8) You'll get years of service out of that bit of kit, its down-right unkillable.

As for reading material, I recommend (as all lazy americans would) a DVD: RCBS Precisioneered Handloading DVD (can be had on Amazon or others).

However, based on the calibres you mentioned, I would also recommend you browse the directory of the various reloading data books, as they won't all have all calibers (although pretty close to it).

Good luck, its a lot of fun!


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RCBS do a dvd thats quite good,
Pick one calibre first and start there, if you reloaded for a pistol then you allready know how to load for 357. Start with something cheap (223 is a good place to start)
When you want to move on to loading for you 357 give me a pm and i'll sort you out with some brass FOC.
Nearly all presses will handle the calibres you mention it's only when you go into the relms of very long cases (50bmg etc) that you have to worry, one thing to bear in mind is that bigger brass does put a bit more of a strain on your press so perhaps in your case it might be an idea to buy something a bit more expensive. I just bought a second press from the gunshop, it was a lee classic end of line special offer i think i paid about £25 for it at that price i'll leave a de capper in it and just use it for that.


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Again, ABC Reloading by Dean Grennel, and a Rockchucker lasts forever.


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Thanks guys, that's some great advice!

DVD - never thought of that - dohh!

OK, so I'm off to South Africa again, but when I get back I'll certainly take a look at some of these and get myself started, much appreciated and thanks!

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