Titanium moderators in the UK


Tried Quicksilver titanium moderators in the US and they are amazing. The problem here in Europe appears to have been that manufacturers just copy one another's design, only adding better materials and machining, but the design is 30+ years old. In America, on the other hand, they have always looked for better ways to suppress weapons and continue to research. I tried moderators in .223, .243, .308, .30 Ultra Mag, Cheytac .408 and .45. All with impressive results. Quicksilver will start manufacturing their moderators here in the UK in the next few months, so check their website for further information (www.qsmsilencers.co.uk). The .223 moderator weighs only 280 grams and the .308 only 360 grams. They are much slimmer and nice looking than the huge cans we see here. I have A-Tec, but can't wait to swap. The .223 moderator is only 6" long and the .308 is 9" long. So, in this case, size doesn't matter.