To bark or not to bark

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Hi All
As some of you might know from earlier threads I have a GSP pup called Max now 7 months old.
I've been teaching him to bark when he finds a deer carcass which I let him find after laying a trail and hiding it in some cover.
My question is am I doing the right thing? Will this cause him to bark every time he scents a live deer? I personally think he's bright enough to pick up when I want him to bark and when I want him to shut up, but it would be good to know what others think ?



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Hi Wayne. My Bavarian is coming along nicely, and although not two yet he is on the ball, (most of the time :lol: )

I personally am not training him to bark at dead deer. It is hard in my mind to get the dog to learn, and you could end up having a noisy dog that barks every time it see's a deer?

Now I am no expert in training dogs for deer, and someone may prove me wrong, and I have read a few books about the methods used to train the dog to bark at dead deer or bark and bay them, I also think much depends on the dogs character.

Two weeks stalking Sika in Scotland my dog has come on a great deal, and he found one hind I shot that typical sika just ran off without showing any shot reaction. He tracked it straight to a large rhodedandron bush about 100 yards off, and there it was stone dead with no heart.

Very happy :D