To crimp or not to crimp....


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I thought maybe annealing every firing would mean a slight crimp is not as beneficial.
As we know there is annealing and annealing when it comes to maintaining the original neck tension.

If just confined to Stress Relief Annealing at around 400˚C the original neck tension is retained.

If the neck and shoulders are taken up to full annealing temperatures then the neck tension will be reduced because of the softer metal. It will eventually regain the original tension after a few rounds are fired and the cases resized, which will work harden the metal. In that case the extra stress of crimping will toughen it up sooner and /or compensate a bit for the softer material.


p.s. sorry I didn't actually answer your question....I would think it is probably more beneficial because it would help to even out any minor variation between cases' neck tension introduced by the annealing process. It only needs a slight variation in time or temperature to affect the result.
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