Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson

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Former Editor of Shooting Times, writes for sporting press, stalks in West Dorset/Somerset, for roe and sika. Picks up on shoots with 2 yellow labs and helps run small DIY shoot. Press Officer for CIC.


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Welcome. ST never been the same since you left and the likes of BB, Fred Taylor, Gough Thomas and Colin Willock died. I believe I have the stalking on some Tillhill forestry you used to have many years ago up above Shere in Surrey. Some good Roe, muntjac and more recently reds

Beretta cocker

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Welcome tony, still read ST weekly, but not half the mag it used to be in the 70s and 80s. As said the old favourites stories used to be the highlight of the week! Also wore out my ST videos with Ken Davies, starring you, and other sporting gentlemen requiring a bit of polishing up from the master instructor. Look foreword to you contributions, ATB.

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Welcome to the SD :tiphat: CIC In that case think you should be :banned:for guess the weight on heads :lol: only joking ;)
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You must be 100 years old by now Tony. You'll be glad to know I've been to Africa many times now, inspired by our conversations in sunny Redditch. Aye and that was probably 30 years ago.