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Hi all,
let Sam track this pricket last night, but he is getting too fast! He sticks to the ground scent for the first 20 or thirty yards, then as we get closer he wants to jump and run about, and often looses the scent, and the deer! Any suggestions?

I started with a dog with little interest, and now I'm trying to calm that same interest which I have cultivated. It must be very confusing for the dog.
Mark :???:


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Use a long tracking lead, that way if he tries to run on the trail you can hold him back and work the trail at your pace, just beaware that this is a double edged sword as if you need to him to bring a deer to bay or pull down a deer he can't do that still on a lead.

If you think the deer may be alive and running you will have to release him and hope that nature takes over again and he runs the deer down.

Best rgds



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hi mark
knowing a little history here and sam being about the same age as sika
you could be doing as i did here , going a little to fast to quick
as sam showed not much enthusiasum at the start untill it clicked and now has come out of his self a bit you may need to slow it down and go back just to a little more blood tracking using a skin instead of an actual carcass and let the blood trail lie for a hour or so, as warm fresh blood makes sika go ten times quicker as it has sam, remember he is still a puppy and you are aking him to do an adults work but a good tracking lead and a strong arm will slowly help to keep him on the scent
many regards stone


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Its not good when the dog moves too fast and looses concentration. I use a tracking lead but that just stops an over eager pup running away. If you can collect some blood and add salt to stop it clotting.
Lay down a light trail of about 100yds terminating in a fresh skin and perhaps a treat like a piece of liver. Set this trail so the wind is behind you.
Now age the trail a minimum of 4 hours, overnight is better and work him carefully on that.
I let my pointer air sent hot scent and my bloodhound ground scent old cold scent. With a lab you sit in between these two specialists so just make the trail harder to follow and dont start until he is quite calm and relaxed. If he gets overexcited just stop the excercise and make him sit until he relaxes again then continue.



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tracking dogs

i read what people say thar . stone. mark .with great interest i some times have this problem with my dog a gsp as two of you said revert to the lead to slow the dog down and regain some controll of the situation but things change by the minute on a wounded deer or losing light fast . Some times you are better going back next day if possible . I do use a lead but only a short one about 8 feet long this makes it easier to control the dog , as i get fed up untying it from around christmas trees in comertial forestry also if the deer still has its head up i can either shoot it again if safe to do so cover not to thick or release the dog to restain it till i get there . Yes i do use him loose some times if i can see the deer in open woodland or the open hill i try to get the wind right to let him work up it to the deer . I find this helps if stalking obviously up wind as he tells me what in front of me and enables you to some times see deer other wise may have been missed or bumped up . Can any tell me how to stop him pointing woodcock as its a pain in the arse i do use him
for all other forms of shooting as i keeper on two shoots and use him dogging in and obviouly working and picking up .

Nick Gordon

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Hi Mark,

Not directly in point but it looks as though Sam has a name tag on.

Is this on the natty day glo harness or a separate collar or chain?

The reason I'm asking is that if the dog has a collar or chain on then you might want to remove it before he starts working to avoid possible injury or worse if the collar gets caught on a branch or whatever.



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I use a velcro signal orange reflective hunting collar all the time with my dogs. The phone number is written on it in permanent marker. If the dog got trapped there is a fair chance she could tear the collar off.



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thanks for that info MarkH
shall give that a try leaving the blood trail over night as fresh scent upto an hour seems to easy for her even though she is young may be this is what she needs to help concentrate her mind
sorry muddy not sure you can stop this , when did you start game shooting over this paticular dog in comparison to the deer training?