Too many calibres?


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A follow on from the "243 in a 308" thread.
Every rifle has its use, but if it`s possible to chamber and fire one calibre round in a different calibre rifle, does anyone think there`s to many calibres out there?


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Basil, Without all those calibre how would stalkers and shooters be able to talk so much bollocks about how calibre A shoots 5fps more than calbre B so you can kill deer that is another 200mtrs away. Or how the latest WSM wizbang is like lightning when it hits a deer. Most people go out with a stalking rifle in whatever deer legal caliber and shoot deer at less than 100mtrs. Lets face it in England you could kill every deer species quite easily with a .243 but then that would be no fun would it? ;)


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I do see where you are coming from on this, I had only ever come accross .243 and .308's for Stalking when I started. Needless to say, I bought one of each, I then found various sites, this obviously being one that then went into the vast amount of different calibers out there.

I am happy with my Stalking caliber choice, but I suppose now, if I had to choose just one caliber for Stalking, I wouldn't know where to start. :???:

I would have to try each one in the .243 and upto .30's and try and wittle down the choices on various merrits, but I think if you got 30 people to try each different caliber and choose, you would probably get 20 different answers.



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tartinjock said:
I am happy with my Stalking caliber choice, but I suppose now, if I had to choose just one caliber for Stalking, I wouldn't know where to start. :???:

there can only be one calibre for this answer
will cope with every beast you wish to take all over the world
:lol: :lol: :lol:
but i am sure some one else will mention others


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Must agree I've been thinking much the same as Basil for a while. Really what is point of having all of these different calibres available? Life would be much simpler if there were only three or four options available for deer stalking. S'pose we would just have to quickly agree what those handful of calibres should be :lol:


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Guess its all about freedom of choice.

I have four deer legal rifles - all do the job - and I may select whichever I choose when I open the cabinet. (neither are 243 or 308 ;) )

Heym SR20

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Yes but what's the fun in there just being the one calibre - that means you only need the one rifle and what excuse would you need with the other half to then have to possess more than one. But actually we probably don't have that many - what is on most gunshop shelves:

243 winchester
270 winchester

OK - actually that is 10 calibres and save for the 223 and 22-250 any would be more than OK for all british species and if you had .270, 7mm or 30 calibre you are well enough armed for any species in the world save big dangerous game.

It's interesting to consider in the world of shotguns the vast majority have settled on either 12 or 20 bore. 10s are occasionally seen on the foreshore but 3 1/2inch steel proof 12s have made the 10 all but redundant. Not many 16s around - and as for things such as 14, 18 and 24 and 32 bores - they are now consigned to history.

And there is a resurgance in popularity of the 28 bore and 410 bore.

And on the latter can't wait to get my new toy back from the gunsmiths - its a little side by side 410 boxlock with a good English name on it - built as a top quality gun in the first place with a long stock - not a kids gun. It weighs just over 4 lbs and shoots beautifully. Barrels somewhat pitted though and action a bit loose so having the barrels cleaned up and action tightened. I think it is going to become my gun of choice for general rough shooting - OK it does have a tighter pattern, less range and its harder to hit with theroetically than a 12, but the lack of weight, recoil and noise are real benefits and if you do connect birds are just as dead as with a bigger gun.

I have justifed the expense to the other half as a) good investment and b) would it be good for my daughter to have an old English gun to inherit in 40 years time!!


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Back to the original thread about putting a 243 in a 308. Does that mean there are too many caliber choices out there? I don't think so. We all are responsible for our own safety when we shoot. (And that goes right down to choosing a safe hunting partner, too.)

If there are too many calibers available it's because the shooters make it so. Every time a new a cartridge comes out offering a few more fps speed people clamor to buy one which fuels the fires of industry. If every one settled on one cartridge the market would dispose of the others.

But that would be a real bore, wouldn't it?? ;) ~Muir


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Heym SR20 said:
It's interesting to consider in the world of shotguns the vast majority have settled on either 12 or 20 bore. !!
These two probably account for more injuries due to missloading than anything else!! Kind of ironic ;) .


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I want as much variety and freedom of choice as I can get in my calibre selection.

The last thing I want to see is a list of "approved" calibres to which we are restricted on whatever spurious grounds.

There is still improvement to be made in shooting and to stifle calibre choice and therefore research is to stifle progress.

Bandit Country

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300wsm said:
Now there an idea for a new thread best handgun / free bullet humane killer calibre for use on deer? :lol: :lol:

Now I aways liked .50cal
M32 6 shot - (40mm Launcher :) ) Ideal for humane despatch of RTCs. Not only does it finish off the beast it also clears the carcass off the road. If that dangerous old Sika stag decides to charge you down, you can take him out no bother - and all his mates as well.

I did think about suggesting the venerable M79 66mm LAW as it is a single shot smooth bore weapon, so might find favour with the Police - but then I realised that was just being silly! :lol: