Too many guns.....


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4 rifles in the cabinet and I feel the need for a 7mm. Over the past 8 years I have managed to gather two 6mm rifles and one of them has to go to make way for the new toy.

I'm going to switch the barrel on my 6mm06AI so the barrel only going spare, together with used brass, some bullets and the reloading dies.

It's on a medium action Remmy 700 which is not for sale. 26" #5 profile Pac Nor barrel, shoots an 80 grain Nosler BT at 3550 fps and is inside 0.5 MOA. Does some serious damage to foxes which is what I use it for. +/- 1" to 270 yds so if it's shootable distance you just put the cross hairs on it.

Barrel has only shot about 400 rounds in it's life, so plenty more to go yet.

The calibre is referred to as "The Terminator". If anyone fancies a new toy at a reasonable cost let me know. Barrel, chambering, dies and the rest of the bits are about £700 at cost. Make me an offer.



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Oh. Sorry. Just tried to move it to Classifieds but can't work out how to do it. Any clues?
Contact one of team, I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out. You may have to specify a price rather than "make an offer" (the FAQs for classifieds will clarify this.)

Interesting round- good luck.