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Like 1000's of others, I enjoyed a great day at the Midland Game Fair. There was plenty to see and enjoy and everyone from keepers through to family groups seemed to be having a great time.

I've just got one complaint (ignoring the fact that I thought £15 to get in was a bit steep). I was walking past a stand for an African outfitter and he had a DVD playing on a TV which could be seen by everyone who walked past. I don't remember the title, but it was something like 'The best elephant hunts in the world ever!'.

The middle aged couple in front of me stood and watched too. We saw a number of scenes, all involving hunters taking elephants, one in particular showing the back of the elephant's head 'exploding' as the shot went through. DVD's like this on public display can only do hunting and stalking harm. The educated know that this goes on and why it goes on. But presenting it like this to Joe Public can only upset and develop prejudices.

The couple in front also felt the same judging from their reaction. When will people learn?


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To have those sort of images on public display and in your face is quite inappropriate but if one wants to take the time those and worse are available on line but then it is a matter of choice if you wont to view, you are wright it does not do our sport any favours it just adds fuel to the antis cause.


A £15 entrance fee :evil:

I'm doubly glad I didn't bother going now.
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