took a mate for his first stalk

Offroad Gary

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took a mate for his first stalk (morning and evening). left home at 05.15 hrs, stopped at services for quick coffee and crap, met at the estate at 06.00 hrs. i went unacompanied, he was guided by the stalker there. i got a good sized doe and her nipper with the .308, shot at 06.50 hrs(the doe was shot heart and lung at 150 yards, the youngster was taken at about 30 yards as it stood and looked at me). my mate got a doe off the sticks and then was taken to find a munty which he also took from the sticks with the 25-06. in the evening he shot another munty buck from a seat - not bad for a first timer, no wonder he's smiling.

another success story from the R93 fan club :D



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gary nice write up and piccies good of you to take him out
why is he disguised is he on the run or summit
if your going to westcountry game fair let me know
i will have one of those large carcass trays off you as well
regards pete .

Chris Rob

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Good one Gary, what a brilliant start for your mate. :D


PS: Good to meet you at Stones Deer Dog Day & thanks for the carcass box, spot on.