Took Foxdropper out for a look round for a Buck

Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
We had arranged to pop out just up the road from me to a small piece of land that I affectionately call 'The Dingle' it is a natural reservoir for deer and there are very few blanks on there,plus Dropper loves it there.I was to take the slightly easier route up through the dingle as my back is buggered,and Dropper took the top road so to speak,we both had the obligatory Buttolo's at hand,Droppers was the usual squeeze type but I prefer the Cherry wood blow type.I got into a position for a call from the top edge of a small copse that looks out over the valley as it rises up to the top corner and a larger block of woodland.I had been calling for maybe 5-10 minutes when Charlie put in an appearance,it was a skinny little vixen that had obviously been feeding cubs,she was mousing in front of a large bramble patch but didn't take any notice of the buttolo,so a little squeek got her to look round and I let fly with a 100grn soft ciger though as I saw an explosion of grass in front of her face and she took the hint and high tailed it out of sight and never to be seen some you lose some,and in fairness I havewn't missed any other foxes this year at all so I didn't worry,but it does show how a 100 grn bullet can be deflected by nothing but a small clump of grass.
I decided to make a move and go on up the valley to where Dropper would be,and before anyone starts bleating Dropper and I have been shooting together for some time now and we know exactly where we are supposed to be and we stick to it,so it is safety first all the time.I knew he would be on the right hand side of a hedgeline above the dingle in an uncut grass field where a lot of Deer have met their maker in the past,and as I got to the fence line I heard his caller doing it's job,and as I looked into the smaller field that I was headed to I saw a red body right at the top feeding,it was a young Roe Buck kid,he still had a few spots round his rump and looked a picture with the summer sun on his back,and I watched him grazing for the best part of an hour.He kept looking towards the hedge as if there was something there,and obviously I was hoping it might be a bigger Buck,but the caller wasn't doing it's job at all,but it transpired that his mother was just on the other side.Just as I was about to actually get under the fence and into the field a Muntjac entered stage right...........a quick look through the bins confirmed to me it was a decent Buck(I don't shoot Muntjac Does - that should start a few I already had the rifle on a pair of Limulus' quad sticks so placed the crosshairs on the boiler room and I heard the satisfying thump back of a well placed shot,and he dropped without any fuss at all.There was a vibration of a text and a question mark from Dropper and I confirmed a Muntjac Buck to which he said that there was a large Roe Buck at the bottom of his field and he was on his way up towards him and the Kids Mother,so radio silence was resumed,and half an hour later there was a shot and again a good thump back which told me he had his Buck,and a good one it was too apparently.
I got down to gralloching my Buck and Dropper was doing his and when I got round to where he was I could see his had a very nice head and a very good body weight(still not weighed it we were both very happy with the evenings work/play

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