Top Hats...


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Do you know when you order those massive "Top Hats" to go over the 45 gallon feeders?

You know them?

You know when you order them, and get them delivered to your house rather than to the farm?

You know when you give no thought, to how you are then going to get those massive "Top Hats" to the actual farm?

You know that situation...:-|


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Right then.

I should like to report that the journey to the farm was without incident. I should like to.

We made the first junction and turned right. In so doing, the rear "Top Hat" fell from the roof and landed upright and perfectly in the centre of the carriageway, forming an immediate and effect roadblock.

In the right circumstances I can still move like a greased whippet when I have to and I had to. At least carrying the damn thing back to the truck the other drivers could not see how red my face was.🥵

The short line of cars that were behind me were not unduly delayed.

Gingerly on to the farm. Some work in the pen and all "Top Hats" safely deployed - eventually. Stuff they never tell you about in "Keeping School".


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