Top morning with leec6.5


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When the alarm went off at 0300 this morning and I had an 80 mile drive to look forward to I did wonder for a moment what on earth I was doing. I don't mind getting up when I can see a 4 as the first number on the clock but when it's a 3 I do wonder.

Lee (leec6.5) had very kindly invited me up to his permission in Norfolk to stalk Roe, with a view to knocking off another ICR for Level 2. It's something I have been meaning to do for years but never got around to, but not having the ticket actually stopped me from doing something last year so I felt it was time to get the ticket.

Loaded with coffee on arrival and into Lee's truck, already warmed up and with the hounds in the back. Not having met in person before you're never quite sure how the conversations going to go, but we soon fell into reloading, calibres and tracking. Great to talk to someone who doesn't glaze over after 5 minutes on the subjects!

Out of the vehicles, briefed on the cull plan and off we go. First few fields blank, and then we stumbled across a little copse with some bird cover on the far side of it. Master buck, younger buck on the far side who we think had just been driven off, and 3 Does. Into about 30 yards, they started to walk out onto the track just in front of us and appeared on the field margin at 20. Spooked, ran 40 yards and stopped. First one down.

A quick tidy up, back to the truck and on to the next farm. We soon came across another two bucks, the older of which was already clean which I thought was a bit unusual, and two Does. Short stalk to the edge of the field they were in and a second Doe was grassed.

Home for the larder and the dreaded paperwork. Job done.

Cold, crisp, sunny morning, two Does grassed, Level 2 portfolio completed, great chats and giggles with a like minded chap - doesn't get much better. The only disappointed one was the dog who had a pretty quiet morning.

Thank you Lee.