Top site on butchery


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It is, but with all the arguing over 'Flats and Rounds' the point of the post got lost. :confused:

This is a good vid and I'm glad MarkH has resurrected it.

By the way Mark, how did you get on in Scotland?


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I wouldn't do my butchering in a flat. I just don't think there's room. a bedsit would be even worse


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when i was living in London i had to butcher 2 fallow does on the dining room table as there was no space in the kitchen. Put it this way the wife was NOT impressed when she got home!

What was even funnier was when the plumber came round to sort out the shower and stuck his head through the door to see me butchering a carcass! i've never seen anyone go pale and exit as rapidly as he did!

City folk!