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Hi all,

I'm generaly not the kind of guy to get exited about a torch but,
i was lamping last week with a mate and he had a surefire torch it was amazing, i reckon i could of shot out to about 40m with that alone and it was only about the size of a 10bore cartridge.

a bit to pricey for me but very good all the same.



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there is a light called a nightsearcher its about 7 inch's long a inch n a half wide .its rechargeable 60 euro. you will see about 90 yards with it


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when i was 5 i got given an AA maglight, it is now ten years old still on the first bulb and tough wood yet to break it been capsized in canoes left on a rock on helvellin and been dropped more times than i care to imagine, and all for fifteen quid :) bob on. it now lives in the AIm check bag when im stalking and has insulatin tape round the handle so it can be gripped in the teeth