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Has anyone dealt with a mail order company called Total Field?

They seem to have some VERY good prices on scopes. Unbelieveably good?

I have a need for a low power variable for driven game/deer on my 7mm and am considering a Zeiss 1-4 or 1.5-6.

Still need to convince SWMBO of this need ....... but I'm working on it.


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Just had a look at the site got to be the cheapeast site on the net lads if you are looking for a scope or binoculars take a look frist lads (Swarovski
swo-03 8x56 pf only £540 new )


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£870 for 8.5 x42 el Swarovski !!

Thats getting on for a couple of hundred less than most ???


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Sounds very reasonable I will have a nosey, if anyone does try them out please post as it is always a worry ordering from an unknown entity


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Sorry, been away perforating deer.

The point was really - is this too good to be true?

There is a physical address and phone number so I guess the thing must actually exist (or have existed) - but is it bona fide?

I am a bit chary about lashing out £500'odd to something which may not be totally kosher and was wondering if anyone else had used them?


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They are using Paypal at their checkout.

Is that not protected nowadays ?

I will be trying to phone them in the morning ? see what happens.

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£870 for Swar bins is mega cheap. In fact, I don't believe its possible. I would pay more than that at the trade price so I just can't see it being genuine.

Especially as when you add them to the basket and go to checkout, it says the company is "unable to accept money at this time" :rolleyes:


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I see their trading address is
Kirkintilloch Ind Estate
Milton road .
Glasgow .

Any Glasgow members close by ???


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The prices really are too good to be true!!

They went bust a while ago - DON'T USE THEM!!!!


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Total Field have been advertising for quite a few years.

I am reasonably certain their name would have come up before now were there any problem.

** Edited to note the post that states they have gone bust - caveat emptor! **

Rgds Ian