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Hi lady's and Gents,

I hope you're all well. I'm Daniel, I'm currently living in the Manchester area and am very new to shooting of all types really. Have some experience with 12 bore and .22, shot at clay, paper, and birds, but the real appeal for me is deer. It's my favourite meat and I'm a bit of an earthy type so sustainability ticks a bit of a box for me too.

I'm struggling to understand the FAC area. I'm assuming that I'll be going on guided stalks as I don't know any farmers that could give me a permission, does this mean I won't be able to get an FAC?

Either way I'm booking myself onto a DSC 1 as soon as I can as knowledge is power and all that.


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Hi and welcome to the site.

There's loads of info here on FAC and the application process, if in doubt just ask.

The DSC1 was a good experience for me, get yourself some shooting practice in at the ranges used for prone, kneeling and standing using relevant support, sticks, bipods etc. I didn't have my own CF rifle when I did mine so practiced with my own .22RF in the relevant positions at 50m on scaled down targets. When I came to do the DSC1 shooting test it was simply a case of applying the experience. Prepare for the other bits of the assessment by reading the booklet thoroughly and testing yourself. I used one of the one month online subscriptions for helping me with preparation.

I've found the hardest bit getting somewhere within a comfortable distance to get the opportunity to stalk, but I've cracked that nut now and joined a syndicate with a mate to share travel and accommodation costs.




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Hi Daniel and welcome to the SD, there is a DSC1 in early May in Baldock North Hertfordshire, although not particularly close to Manchester.


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There's a dsc1 course 26th of this month at Charlton Moor staffs/derby border.
This is run by the National Gamekeepers Organisation.
It's the other side of Leek from you, if you know the area, and is part run by Mike Dickinson who'll be able to point you in the right direction of the whole process as well as taking you on guided stalks and helping with your application.