Touch up paint for S&B scope


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Hi Guys

While shunting the cabinet around, (every other one has a gun sock on ) I somehow managed to mark one of my scopes whilst doing the wipe over and brush up. :worried:

Anyone know of a decent repair paint or kit on the market




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try using birchwood casey super black instant touch up pen!ive got it in flat black and it seems good, touches up scopes well can't complain,ive even tried sharpies they work too bit cheaper but docent last.hope that helps.
If it is paint Humbrol enamel do, or did a small potlet of SEMI-GLOSS black.Not matt, nor gloss, but specifically labelled as semi-gloss. I used to use it for that very purpose. Touched up and filled a dent in an S & B with epoxy and a the Humbrol for a customer and he said that even though he knew where the dent should be he couldn't now find where it had been it at all.
Hello SWARO. I went and found my tinlet. It is Humbrol SATIN #85. Not semi apologies but satin. And a Google search shows it is still made. Oh well...another so called trade secret revealed. My good deed for 2019.


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cheers Guys

had a good look around the net. ANT supplies do a matt and gloss pen

have ordered one of each


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I’m trying to get a Matt and a gloss touch up pen from ANT supplies
Can’t seem to get any further past pay pal to pay for them :(

I’ll give the sharpie a go