Tow bar deer carrier

Anybody know where I can buy one of the above, and are they any good-my back is getting too old to keep throwing Fallow in the back of the truck !
Thanks for any help.


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You used to be able to buy rear bullbars that folded down, I have seem similar carrying things on the Cabellas website, but any good welder could knock one up in a few hours?


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What about some of the strange Cycle Carriers that fit on the back of cars that may be something to look at.
Actually I have seen a carrier of sorts that fitted a tow bar, it may have been at a country show. It was like a small platform and was demonstrated carrying a bale of straw - before anybody goes there, I mean one of the 'old type' bales, not one of these bl***y great big round ones!!! :lol:

Pete E

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A guy I used to stalk with and myself made a couple of these...The Mk1 version used a plaster mixing bath as the carrier which in turn sat on a steel box section frame.

They work ok and avoid some of the draw backs ofa trailer, but they seriously limit the vehicle off road ability...

If I had a pick-up of some sort, I'd look at fitting a cheap electric ATV winch behind the cab and use some sort of ramp to drag the carcass up..Total cost would probably be cheaper than the carrier and a much better solution...


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Here you so, I have seen this in use, all you need to attach it to your everyday towball is a spanner, the basis unit is rated to 275lbs but it has been tested to 675lbs, obviously your towbar/ball will dictate the down weight limit, but at 275lbs thats nearly a 17 stone stag.


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I have a rack like this for my quad got it from Cabelas but I think targetsports of Bolton sell it. I think its called hitch haul Cabelas do them for all sorts of cars, trucks
I think it could be easily converted to fit a tow bracket.
thouth I'm looking to make mine fold for when empty.



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I don't know for sure ?? But , If these are undeclared modifications to the vehicle.The insurance company might not hold up on the deal if you have an accident . Worth checking out If you have to go on the main road ?????

Pete E

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2434me said:
I don't know for sure ?? But , If these are undeclared modifications to the vehicle.The insurance company might not hold up on the deal if you have an accident . Worth checking out If you have to go on the main road ?????
They usually just fit on the tow ball of thevehicle with no further permanat modification required, so the insurrance for the vehicle should be unaffected.

However, some company's don't cover a trailer unless its listed, so it would be worth checking if the carrier and its contents is covered. Somebody carrying three mountain bikes on one of these could easily have a £1000 of kit hanging off the tow bar.

Also, I've seen these used to carry dog boxes, but there is no way I'd carry a dog in that way as even quite a minor shunt could turn out to be a disaster.
Slightly off topic, but I was given a large bag that fits to the spare wheel, where rear wheel is mounted to the back door, fits like a normal spare wheel cover, not suitable for the larger species, but takes two roe comfortably, was given it to try out as the chap was going to try and market them, have lost touch with him, so don't know if it ever got off the ground.


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I have the American Hitchhaul system. Had it on my Chevy pickup and I took the tow hitch off when it went back to the states to sell. Could not get an mot for the truck in the UK.
Anybody want the lot?
There is a German outfit always showing at the Dortmund show that sell a clamping on hitch unit but talking to the maker he said it was not for long journeys due to the massive upward forces when travelling over 40mph. Great for a 5 mile trip home or just down to the larder though.


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I have doubts about the legality of some of these devices that fit on the ball hitch when used on the road. You may find that they do not comply with construction and use regulations of the road traffic act. You don't want to be pulled over by a traffic cop who is clued up on these things do you, and don't say that they wouldn't be able to sell them if they were illegal, on the highway would be the relevant words.


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The German version is very good but is only held by a lever clamp onto the 50mm ball and it is not advised by the maker for anything other than short slow journeys ie from point of shot to the larder at low speeds due to the upwards forces generated on the unit by road travel.
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The only ones that I've seen advertised in the UK look very well made but it looks as if it would be very difficult to keep the beast clean, I think they recommend using an old builders bag, obviously this would keep the mud off and just leave you with the sandy ballast to deal with once you get back to the larder!

To be honest, I think that it is the perfect answer to a non-existant problem, I can't see any circumstance when a lightweight trailer wouldn't be a better and far more versatile option except, perhaps, for those individuals that are totally unable to reverse trailers!

As for fitting these devices to a quad then you really are looking for trouble in terms of handling and weight distribution, most quads have a supprisingly low carrying capacity and this includes the weight of the rider and assumes that the load is correctly distributed on the standard racks. I'm not saying this as a H&S busy body, just as a sensible ATV user/abuser. JC

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[FONT=&quot]Hi Guys, I have A BIG problem with this system, if you were to put 3 or 400 lbs on one of these all the weight is downwards, tow bars are not designed for that kind force, the leverage on the chassis is hell ova lot more than just the weight and if you drive over rough roads, as most of our brothers do, the potential for damage to the chassis is very high.

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