TR140 Mauser 8 x57 Starting load 198gn bullet

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I have a figure in mind for the starting load but would value any experience/advice as there seems to be little data for loading this powder.
Thanks in advance


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As you are probably awareTR140 is very similar to N140 only slightly slower, I have used data for N140 as the starting point for developing loads for my 8x57irs. However if you email the importer whose email address is on the tub he will email back all the information you will ever need. I have previously contacted him with regard to several different calibres using this powder and found him most helpful.


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Gad! Heavy bullet 8mm shooters! The kind of guys I like to hang out with! :thumb:~Muir

(I use IMR 4350, myself, with 208 grain bullets)


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Thanks 8x57 I will get on to the importer.

Cheers Muir the bigger the bullet the more chance I have of hitting something:lol:
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