tracking Lab


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Cracking bitch that mate. I too love to watch them work it’s a joy to see her using her natural ability and you can see she absolutely love she it


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Thanks for your kind comments, she is a fantastic tracker and has found many deer, she is five now and is top of her game.
I also have a hound as well who is now two and half and becoming as good as the lab at tracking, she is probably going to be more complete tracking dog because of her natural ability to bring an animal to bay.
tracking is a team effort and the handler needs to have the ability to read his dog especially when on a live track with no tapes to guide you, I wish the live ones where as easy as the track on the film but most of the time there not, handler skills are key and we are always learning with every track we do, All UKDTR members are trained on our handler training days and also attend regular days after that, we are never to old to learn something new that can be used on the next call out.


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Interesting videos. How do you know the dog is tracking the scent of blood/deer and not human scent? I’m assuming you lay the tracks yourself?