trail camera with text/email option


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Hi guys

can anyone recommend a trail camera that can send the pic/videos taken to your phone via text or email etc etc

would be handy if you have got one yourself so can give personal experience, i have been looking all over the net but there is so so many i dont know which one to get.

lucky my ground has got a great phone signal as there is a phone mast on it so it should work fine signal wise

many thanks



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My fishing club tried one as a security measure for stored tools.
It was set up to send to my phone by text, the first day and a half I received 100 pics of things I didn't need to see.
Mainly bloody pigeons, it was never used again when they realised it had cost £0.35 per pic. Lol

Neil. :)


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Have/using 4ea of Ltl Acorn 5210M myself, daily. Work ok. They are all made in china... The difference in design and software.
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Can't go wrong with a Little Acorn - you can adjust the sensitivity of the PIR and limit how many pictures get sent each day. Best check what mobile coverage you have in the area that you want to site the camera.


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I have the spypoint one, which isnt cheap but am getting used to it. I have 89 photos in 2 days... 88 of cows, 1 fox. No deer. Therefore placement is paramount. Also, I did find it hard to find to get phone reception, as I have it in a valley, however, with a bit of messing around, I finally have a working system. I would get another, but probably would go for the less expensive acorn.



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Little acorn 5210m as well, some 5210As are going cheap at the moment, but as above 35p per pic, unless you do SMTP works out at 8p per picture. Visit Ron Burys blog/site for details of how to do it. deerwarden