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I'm not sure if you aren't over quaified to be on this site! :)

Dude qualifications are soooo over rated , only one I have ever used is the Hospitality Management, the rest is just knowledge and a waste of time. 5 years fulltime study and the rest part time study was very much time wasted.


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I can understand being gutted and this is not meant as criticism in any way but...

Do you not feel that the point of a trainee post is to give someone just starting out an opportunity to gain experience, rather than someone who is well into a career and wants a change?

And for the employer as a long term investment isn't a young person who will give potentially many more years of service a better bet?
wow so ageist lol but I get what you mean lol

I am 40 this year , I have atleast 28 worth of work left in me and I only know three trainees who I went to college with that are still in Gamekeeping and neither is working for the same person they trained with and the fact remains all of them have had long periods of unemployment.

It is a sad fact that Gamekeeping is not the best career to start off in . Many head keepers never trained as keepers initially , I know many that were ex soldiers, ex police, ex lawyers , so many head keepers out there are not from keepering back-rounds at all. So in regards to opening up the industry to youngsters, yes arguably it should be but it is not. Two years of cleaning dog poop on below minimum wage, the isolation, the high suicide rate, the lack of understanding and support that is still being shown on SOME estates. The hardest part is that these young keepers can't speak to anyone for fear of either rocking the boat and not getting a position on another estate or losing their FAC and SGC (if they go see a doctor)

For the future of keepering to thrive we need to invest in the youngsters, not just in education but in full support and some really good estates do. I have experienced the hardship and I was on a very good estate with good employers and an amazing headkeeper but my family life made it difficult and in the end I took a separate path.

For some estates though it is two years of free labour and get rid and then take on another yopper.

So arguably if you want productivity and longevity out of your trainee keeper it is probably more worthwhile to an estate to take on someone who already knows how to budget, who can drive, who has an established adult independent support network and someone who knows what they are getting themselves in for.

I know I come across sometimes as someone who is very opinionated and has a lot to say, but, I am 40 years of age and worked in 3 hostile industries since I left school. I like many on here have a family and I understand how life can be even when you have the internal support of a partner. Many youngsters who take on these trainee positions have never had a job, never been away from home, never had to budget their own money and if they are not from a family that can continue to support them, my family could not support me, then these trainees WILL struggle and unfortunately there is not much support out there for that.
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