Training my Weimaraner pup


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Evening all,

I'm in the process of training my pup to trail scent and blood and so far she does pretty well on The scent drags but I want to start putting down drops of blood.

So my question is can I use any type of animal blood? Sheep pig cow ect or does it specifically have to be deer blood in order for them to track deer ?

May sound like I silly question but I am unsure if different animals blood smells different?


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Have a search on here been plenty of good advice in the past.
Or speak to lads from either off the 2 tracking orgs or read Niels songgards book

The experts also say to use a herding deer species blood ( red or fallow) and hoofs over roe


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Stick with deer or boar, as country boy says working our dogs we stay away from roe deer cleaves or blood, these are more akin to hare, if you do go down the route of blood use it really sparingly in a dropper bottle it goes a long way, use it to mark a wound bed with a few drops before and after or to mark a log or branch crossing that is all you need if anyone ever saw the Peter Carr video he used a bucket and a stick and a sponge to lob it all over, looked like a scene from nightmare on elmstreet. No need for the dog lol.
Less is more, regards Wayne.


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Fair enough that sounds good, I've got a fallow hide in my freezer at the moment that I am intending to use, should I defrost it and use pieces till they go rotten or should I tan the hide ?


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I would highly recommended, going to one of the few organisations that run training days. I have been to one of UKDTR Days, they will get you going, very informative, and I have been loving the training.

start with skin drags progressively getting harder.

then on to scent shoes and blood - using hearding species, I do chuck in roe every now again, be cause that’s is our main quary, progressive get harder, reduce blood, extend time, distance different terrian etc.

Highly addictive and time consuming in my opinion.

But definitely get yourself to one of the training days when they start up again, well worth it.